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Garden Kneeling Bench Garden Kneeling Bench

Gardening is both peaceful and calming as well as gruelling work.

You are constantly getting up and down to work and then move to the next spot that needs your attention.

Sometimes it's nice to have some help get up and down or a place to sit.
Special order
Come see us at a craft fair of your choice.

Lighthouse Border Fence Lighthouse Border Fence Garden Border Fence

This fence simply attaches to the sides of a raised bed to present a nautical look of lighthouses

It's been a while since we've done Adirondack furniture, but these photos document what we've done.

Foot Bridge and Wishing Well

We made these for friends who has created a garden area on their property.

Flowers are planted in the boxes at the top of the bridge rails.
Foot Bridge with Planters Wishing Well

Adirondack Chair
The standard chair that feels just right!
Adirondack Chair
Need room for your book, notepad, and/or coffee mug?
Lobster Chair
Who says you can't have your lobster and eat it too?

Moose Chair
Instead of lobster, your memories of Maine may focus more on moose.
Just the right addition is a footrest
that makes it easy to get in and out of the chair.

Double Chair

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