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The Norton Nature Chair
Instructions for
Re-Assembling Your Norton Nature Chair

Note: To view photos in a larger size, right click and select View Image.

, examine your package for any damages. All damage claims must be addressed with your carrier (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). Open your package and inspect all items for damages.

Check to make sure all the following parts are in your package and lay them out on your assembly area (i.e., the floor):
(1) Seat assembly (one)
(2) Arm assembly (two)
(3) Back assembly (one)
(4) Bolts (ten)
(5) Washers (ten)
(6) Nuts (ten)
(7) Three-inch screws (four)

Tools needed for assembly (not included):
(1) Phillips-head screwdriver or drill with Phillips-head bit (set on a light tension to make sure the screws are not over-drilled)
(2) 7/16 inch wrench
(3) Two small clamps (not needed if you don't have them; see below)

Place the seat assembly on its side.

Take arm assembly for that side and attach to seat assembly using three bolts. Fit the square head into the holes.

Flip the seat assembly onto its other side.

Apply washers and bolts on the inside of the assembly. Bolts should be tightened snugly, but do not over-tighten bolts.

Attach the other arm assembly in the same manner as described above.

Place seat assembly in upright position.

Put back assembly in place. Two options:

(1) If you have clamps, you may clamp both upper sides slightly forward of where they should be so that the bottom piece is flat on the seat assembly.

(2) Place a bolt in the holes on each side to told in place.

Screw the bottom into place using three-inch screws.

Important: Line up the front screws with the holes already in place. Apply the two front screws and then apply the others. Make sure the screw heads are just under the surface of the wood when finished. Do not over-tighten the screws. Remove the clamps.

Attach the top section of the back assembly using two bolts on each side. Again, fit the square head into the holes and apply washers and bolts from the underside of the assembly. And again, do not over-tighten bolts.

IMPORTANT! Please, do not sit on the side tables on The Ultimate Norton Nature Chair.

Congratulations! Your Norton Nature Chair is now fully assembled and ready for use.

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