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6-Pack Carriers6-Pack Carriers Six-Pack Carriers
These are great for parties or other outings. Each section holds up to a 20-oz bottle or can. The dividers can be taken out to either clean the carrier or to accommodate a larger container.
6-Pack Options
The Barbecue MasterThe Barbecue Master The Barbecue Master
With ample room for your favorite beverage, it also has two compartments for sauce (hint: Beast Feast Maine!), spices, salt and pepper, and utensils. Fully loaded, it comse with a roll of paper towels, a roll of tin foil (in the drawer) and a set of wooden tongs. Available in four colors: natural, walnut, cherry or mahogany, and worn navy.
Beast Feast Maine logo
The Barbecue Master
Wine Carriers

These carriers hold two bottles of wine. Visiting friends? Take a couple bottles of wine with you.
Wine Carrier Options
Shelf Options

These shelves make great end tables. They are just the right height to have beside your chair or sofa.
16w x 19h.
Moose Shelf Options
Moose Shelves

Remember your time in Maine! or just have some fun.
Approx. 16w x 21h.
Moose Shelves
Baby Feet Shelves

Some fun shelves for your child's room or nursery.
Baby Feet ShelvesBaby Feet Shelves
Baby Feet Shelf Options

Other things we have made.
These might give you some ideas for custom orders!

Trivets Gnomes Doors
Hand-painted tiles.
Gnome Doors
Approximately 7 inches high.

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