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Rack for Portable Drills Rack for Portable Drills

I made this for a mechanic friend's garage/shop. He then turned it into a storage and charging station.

Customized Special Order.

Spray Can Organizer

Spray Can Organizer

I also made this for my mechanic friend's garage.

This version was made specifically for that space and holds 48 spray cans.

Can be customized to your space and needs.

Special Order.
Spray Can Organizer

Dead Blow Mallet

This mallet was hollow and filled with BBs.

The faces are covered
with old shoe leather.

Fun project.
Dead Blow Mallet

Lathe Tool Rack

Need a place to keep and organize your lathe tools? This will do the job.
Lathe Tool Rack

Sharpening System Sharpening System

This was a project I found in a woodworking journal several years ago and decided to make it for my father. It connects to a drill press for the power and speed control. Each disk has a different grit sandpaper. The slower speeds of the drill press keep the tools from overheating.
Sharpening System

Tool Box Tool Box

Who doesn't need a place to keep tools? This box allows for storage and organization of tools as well as easy transportation.

Tools are not included.

Special order.
Tool Box

Tool Chest Tool Chest Tool Chest
Tool Chest

Having drawers for smaller tools is a must for any woodworker, plumber, electrician, or mechanic.

Special order.


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