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What can we do for you?

Custom Work

What can we do for you?

All projects are completed in our shop.

If you have a need or want that you cannot find on our website,

please contact us with what you want or need.

We'll do our best to complete your order to your specifications.

After we design your order, we will send you a quote.

Upon your approval, we will then send you a PayPal bill.

Upon completion of the item, we will send you a PayPal bill for the shipping.

Noah's Ark Specialty Box

Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Noah's Ark

The top tray has black flocking to hold pewter figurines of Noah's Ark.

The front and bottom have blue flocking to simulate the flood waters.

A grandfather asked for this specialty box as a gift for his grandson

which included pewter animals and a pewter Ark!

Hall Bench

Soap Display Box

Soap Display BoxSoap Display BoxSoap Display Box

The original version of this box was in a historical society museum.

I made a couple of these for soap vendors.

Dog Dish Holders

Dog Dish Holders

Most of our dog dish holders come with two or three bowls in various sizes.
We can mix and match bowls or adjust the height to match your pet.

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